Monday, 11 January 2010

What is Luck? - Revisited

The other night I watched the TV gameshow "In It to Win It" which is part of the National Lottery.

The first contestant selected was very good at answering the questions (each question was worth £5,000) and amassed £60,000 before he got a question wrong and had to go into the "Red Area". This gave other contestants the opportunity to join the game and make some cash. To cut a long story short, when the klaxon went, the amount was finally frozen at £65,000.

The next stage of the game is the four contestants now remaining have to answer one final question. If they get it right they will win a share of the £65,000. One woman who had not contributed any money to the fund answered her final question correctly. Another guy who had answered one question i.e. contributed £5,000 got his question right. The third contestant who had not contributed anything didn't get her question right and was eliminated. Just before the host asked the final contestant, who had contributed £60,000, he told him he deserved to win his share as he'd answered most of the questions. Unfortunately, the contestant got his final question wrong and was eliminated. That meant the two remaining contestants went home with £32,500 each.

The gameshow got me thinking about luck. Was the woman who hadn't answered any questions and ended up winning £32,5000 just plain lucky? Was the contestant who had done all the hard work unlucky?

What is luck anyway?

Luck seems to suggest that some people can just breeze through life while others have to struggle to make ends meet. In other words, life is not fair. I don't believe that at all. I believe life is fair because life gives you exactly what you believe.

If you believe life is not fair and it's a constant struggle, then what you've worked hard for might be taken away from you or you might experience life as hard.

If you believe you only get what you deserve or have worked very hard for, then you're not going to be open to other ways of being blessed even when it's staring at you in the face.

If you believe you deserve to be blessed whether you work hard or not, then that's exactly what you'll experience.

I believe that the Universe did not intend for man to struggle. That's why the Universe has provided all that we need; all we have to do is receive. It is our nature to be blessed.

If being lucky means just having a thought about what I want to experience and it manifests effortlessly, then I consider myself very lucky indeed.


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