Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Soul Mates - Revisited

I believe we are here to express the eternal attributes of our Soul which is our essence. Some of these attributes are: abundance, beauty, creativity, freedom, harmony, inspiration, intelligence, joy, light, limitlessness, love, magic, peace, perfection, power, prosperity, truth, wealth, wisdom, and wonder.

To express Soul's attributes, we connect with the perfect partner(s) or soul mate(s) who resonates with our being.

Speaking of perfect partners, I watched a documentary recently about the British figure skaters, Torvill and Dean, who performed their masterpiece "Bolero" 25 years ago in the 1984 Olympics. While they were performing, they were so at one that a lot of people thought they were romantically involved. They said they are just good friends who reserve the romance for the ice rink. After many years of not performing together, Torvill and Dean were reunited to share their expertise in a new TV show called Dancing on Ice where celebrities and professionals dancers figure skate in front of a judging panel.

As I see it, Torvill and Dean are soul mates who have been brought together to express the beauty of dance, which inspire many and will continue to do so forever.

I like to see my stories as Soul expressions which I have written in collaboration with my many soul mates. A lot of readers have told me they find them inspiring. I know they will last forever.

One reader has even found my photograph uplifting. (See When One is Blessed, All is Blessed). I have my soul mate photographer to thank for that. ;-)

All my love and gratitude to all my soul mates - past, present and future.


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