Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Search Engine - Revisited

Two weeks ago my mother asked me to look up branches of a particular shop in central London. This shop specialises in household and gardening goods. When I gave her the addresses, she decided where the most convenient one was for her to shop at.

Fast forward yesterday and I met a friend at the library. On our way out, it started raining. As my friend didn't have an umbrella I offered him shelter under mine and walked him to the local tube station (underground). Just before we arrived at the station, he asked me how my mother was and I said she's OK. Then he said that he'd changed his mind. He asked me if I knew where a shop was in the local area, the same shop my mother had asked me to check out on the Internet and the branch she intends to visit. I told him it was just round the corner.

How amazing that my mother and friend were thinking of the same shop! Just as well I'd done my research then.


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