Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Living in Art

I have heard people who have had near death experiences (NDE) describe being embraced by this Light at the end of a tunnel. They talk about feeling happiness and love from the Light that is out of this world, and being reluctant to come back to earth.

I totally resonate with the NDE.

I have experienced the Light numerous times during meditation when I've merged with it and realised the Light or Inner Sun as my true nature and have been in total bliss and never wanted to be separated from it.

One thing I was puzzled about was why I kept coming back. Why would I choose to stay in this reality when I can live forever in happiness in that Light?

I'm reminded of my visits to art galleries. There was a time when the images in the painting would appear so real, I could see the character's lives and even know what they were thinking. It became so overwhelming that I decided to tune out the thoughts and ideas and just enjoy the painting for what it was.

I believe the Inner Sun represents the overwhelming happiness the artist is feeling after completing his masterpiece. Life in this form represents the artist entering the work of art and experiencing in form what he has already painted so perfectly.

I'm very happy to be here as I get to experience what it's like living in art.

I am the Artist living in My Masterpiece.


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