Monday, 14 December 2009

The Invisible Chains that Bind

While I was on the bus I noticed three boys beckoning the driver to stop but he didn't as he'd already left the stop. As the boys were running to the next bus stop, I willed them on to catch the bus. The bus was even caught at a traffic light. At the side traffic light the boys waited for two cars to drive by. When the road cleared, one boy ran across but the other two boys waited for the lights to change.

"For crying out loud, the road is clear!" I thought. "Cross over!"

But the two boys just stood there waiting, keeping their other friend back. By then the bus had driven off. When we got to the bus stop there weren't many passengers so as soon as they got on we took off without the boys.

I believe the two boys who were "stuck" at the traffic light represent invisible chains caused by one's beliefs, education, programming, previous experiences, or society's rules, which can sometimes hinder you or make you feel stuck.

The Universe, which is not bound by any rules, was trying to help the boys catch the bus but they missed out because they were stuck in a box of their own creation.

I am either living in a prison of my own creation or I am free.


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