Monday, 28 December 2009

In the Zone - Revisited

Every moment I am either in the Zone or I'm not. The Zone is when I'm being true to myself and expressing my joy. In my Zone, life is effortless and I experience limitless joy, magic and wonder. When I am not in my Zone, life feels likes a drag.

A few days ago I was in two minds whether to check my emails or not but I decided to pop to the local library to read them. I noticed the radio was on which was very unusual as libraries tend to be quiet. I thought to myself that maybe it's because it's Christmas Eve and they're relaxing the rules. At the time, Joe McElderry, the recent winner of the TV song contest "X-Factor" was belting out his new single.

The first email I read was from an American friend I met at a forum I used to participate in and he was wishing me a Merry Christmas. He told me he still reads my blogs. My friend said in one blog I had posted Joe McElderry's video which he enjoyed. He said he loves Joe's voice. How funny that I was listening to Joe as I was reading my friend's email.

This is an example of living in the Zone where I get to experience the wonder of synchronicity.

This morning I wasn't feeling so great as I had been mulling over something. My mother asked me to buy some fruits for her at the supermarket. On the way back the bag's handle broke. Fortunately, I had another bag with me so I transferred the shopping into that one.

I then went to catch the bus into town. When I got into the shop, I realised I didn't have my purse with me which I had left at home. Aargh! Where were the bloody angels when I needed them to prevent this from happening? Now I have to catch another bus which is going to take me another hour. During my journey home I realised I wasn't in my Zone. I calmed down and affirmed to myself that I am in my Zone.

I'm back in my Zone and am feeling good.

It's all good.


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