Saturday, 14 November 2009

Why Wait?

"People want to be told what to do so badly, they'll listen to anything." Don Draper
I've just noticed this conference to teach people how to tap into their inner magic, but it's not till March 2010. Why wait till next year? What's stopping you from tuning into your inner magic now?

Speaking of waiting, I recently accompanied my mother to her hospital appointment. The consultant recommended that she had an MRI scan done. When we went to the department concerned, they told her they were going to write to her to give her an appointment for the scan. She was going to take their word for it but I put my foot down and told them I wanted the scan done NOW. They said they would see if they could fit her in, which they did. When we returned to the consultant's office, he was very surprised that they'd done the scan so quickly. I said to him that my mother needs to know the result now.

I believe the Universe gives us exactly what we believe in. If you believe in waiting then that's exactly what you will experience. Your belief in waiting will even take the form of needing someone else to tell you what to do instead of trusting in the answers you have within.

I believe the only time there is a delay or waiting time is when the delay is part of the unfolding of the plan.

Just say NOW!


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