Thursday, 19 November 2009

What Love Has Already Provided

When a mother is expecting a baby, depending on her world view, she may follow certain diets, take various medications recommended by her doctor, do particular exercises, or whatever she believes is needed to be in the right state to carry her baby. During her pregnancy, she and her partner are building a "nest" for the baby's arrival in the form of a nice home, cot, pram, clothes, baby food, and anticipating other baby needs. Some parents even register their baby's name at a nursery years in advance. By the time the baby is born, all its needs, for the first few months at least, have already been catered for. In an ideal situation, both parents will continue to provide all the love and attention, food, shelter, health care, clothes, education, recreation, etc that their child needs that they believe is for their child's highest good until s/he is 18 or has left home. Even when the child is no longer living at home, most parents are always there supporting their children. Some kids leave home and then return.

The care that parents provide for their kids do not have to be earned. A baby doesn't need to work to be fed. The mother feeds her baby when she senses the baby is hungry. Kids don't have to do anything to have their other needs provided for either; their needs are met simply because their parents love them.

Now if humans who are imperfect and have limited resources try to do the best they can for their kids, imagine what God, our Cosmic Father-Mother, who is Infinite Love has already prepared for all HIS creations? I believe God has anticipated all our needs and already provided them superabundantly not just for a set amount of years when we are then expected to fend for ourselves, I believe God has prepared for us to enjoy all His blessings for all time.

God has provided infinite beauty, energy, entertainment, freedom, fulfilment, happiness, joy, love, nourishment, peace, prosperity, shelter, wholeness and all that makes life worthwhile; He has provided wonderful friends to play with; He has provided the perfect environment for us to live in; He has provided wonderful animals for our mutual enjoyment. I also believe God has even anticipated those times when we are "lost" in dreaming and forgotten who we are and has provided constant reminders to "wake" us up from our dreams.

This means that because all that is good for us already exists in superabundance, then nothing I do makes any difference to what is. All I have to do is receive or let it happen. If I choose to fend for myself, my choice will only block my blessings until I start depending on my Cosmic Parents.

I believe part of what Love has provided for us is a body that not only regenerates and rejuvenates, but is meant to last forever. This means that whether I feed it or not, my body should keep going anyway. We only appear to "lose" that faculty when we programmed ourselves to believe that in order for the body to survive we need to ingest certain foods and nutrients and take tablets to make ourselves well. Otherwise the body will perish. Of course, I can still enjoy eating as long as I remember that eating is only for pleasure and not meant to take the place of the body's infinite intelligence.

Writing is a process of letting ideas that already exist happen. Sometimes these ideas manifest as my personal experiences or experiences I observe others going through which I then write about. Other times the ideas just pop up complete in my head which I write about. The only time I used to experience writers' block was when I believed that inspiration is sporadic. I know that idea to be false; inspiration is never-ending.

I am receiving all that Love has already prepared for me now and forever more.


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