Thursday, 12 November 2009

What is the Point?

"Although not that much time has passed my style of playing has changed a lot. It's as if there's a lot more Roberto Fonseca in this new record." See Roberto Fonseca new album "AKOKAN"
I believe there are two aspects of Me:

There is the Me that never changes i.e., that which is my beauty, freedom, joy, love, passion, power, wisdom that is uniquely me and infinite; and

There is the Me that is always expressing more of my beauty, freedom, joy, love, passion, power and wisdom.

Because of this I am always changing and yet I am still the same. Reminds me of an old friend I hadn't seen in years. When we met up again, although he'd had lots of life experiences, he was still the same. What I loved about him hasn't changed and will never change.

Even if I lived for eternity in this body I will never be able to express all of Me. Put another way, all my expressions would only be the tip of the iceberg because nothing can ever make a dent on my infinite being.

What then is the point of expressing life if I can never make a dent on infinity?

Because it's fun to be Me.

Every day is an opportunity to be more of Me, even if it is pointless.


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