Saturday, 21 November 2009

Loving is Never Wrong

In a recent episode of Moonlight I saw recently about a private detective who is a vampire, Mick (the vampire who is 85 years old but looks 30 as he doesn't age) is talking to his friend and love interest Beth about an affair he had with his best friend's wife after he came home from the Second World War. At the time they believed his friend had died in the war. He says when his friend returned he never saw the woman again.

Mick explains that after all those years he's still feeling guilty because he believes the relationship was wrong. Beth asks him if it was love. Mick pauses for a few moments and we get to see flashbacks of him and the woman and how happy they were. Mick admits it was love.

Beth tells him the relationship wasn't wrong because it was love.

We are only supposed to love our loved ones, aren't we? Woe betide you if you fall in love with someone society has determined you're not meant to be with. It's guilt, guilt and more guilt.

I believe where there is love, there is no room for guilt.

Loving is never wrong.


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