Friday, 13 November 2009

Just Say Now

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Just Say Now

Have you ever observed kids playing? They seem so light on their feet, don't they? I remember as a child how I loved to skip. I could skip all day and night if given the chance. How many adults do you see skipping nowadays just because it's fun? Unless, of course, you are in a boxing ring or at the gym. Going to the gym has to be my idea of hell!!

Are kids light on their feet because they have more energy?
Do kids have more sense of fun?
Are kids more open?

Kids seem to be more open and have a sense of wonder. You could argue that society is a lot more willing to let kids be free, as long as they go to school, do their homework, eat their vegetables, go to bed early, and act like kids. You could also argue that kids have not been around long enough to have taken on board human conditioning.

Here's a different spin and you know how I love spin. (grin)

I have written elsewhere that human consciousness considers each moment to be cumulative, therefore, the last moment becomes the past, which leads to the present and creates the future. I have also stated that there is a paradigm, a way of seeing the world, that is causeless. In the causeless paradigm every moment arises from the eternal now, does its dance and dissolves into the eternal now. In the causeless paradigm every moment is independent and has no connection to other moments. Thus, someone who is living in a causeless paradigm is always experiencing each moment afresh, while one living in the paradigm of time and cause/effect regards each moment as adding to the last; or the moment to come influencing the present moment.

Bearing the above ideas in mind, if a child is being raised in a paradigm of cause and time, which majority of us were, a 3 year old has already accumulated many human beliefs and habits. However, a 3 year old has relatively more freedom than an 8 year old; while an 8 year old is a lot freer than a 15 year old.

Imagine someone who accepts whatever he is being told and he's reached the age of 30. He is now carrying a huge baggage of human thought forms comprising beliefs in genetics, family, race, gender, sexuality, culture, nationality, medicine, nutrition, science, philosophy, psychology, new age, religion, politics, spirituality etc. Is it any wonder people grow old, get sick and die? It's a wonder that some people can live as old as 80 years old. It's a bloody miracle!

Is it possible to let go of these thoughts and beliefs? Yes, by not trying to change what you are as human. Leave human affairs alone. Walk away from the paradigm of cause/effect and time. This paradigm has given you nothing but grief. Realise yourself as the formless One where every moment is new, and you are free.

I am not saying it is easy to walk away. I still have some old human habits which I have accumulated over the years such as thought forms about pain, that come back to haunt me. I don't try to change them but I have to constantly remember the power of the eternal Now. The Now takes no consideration of your beliefs or how long you've held your beliefs. Simply trust in the power of Now that is forever new.

Here's a useful reminder from Me to me.

When you are being
Distracted from
The Eternal Now,
Just say NO!
But remember to
Take the "W" with you,
For NO is NOW in disguise,
And NOW is forever
Playing at
Being the NEW.

In the Now,