Friday, 20 November 2009

It's All in the Eyes

I watched a documentary last night on television called Black Mamba, White Witch about this snake catcher in Swaziland. Thea is known as the "white witch" because of the way she handles black mamba snakes, which are supposed to be very poisonous. The programme followed Thea and her husband as they are called to catch snakes that have appeared in people's homes and they do their best to protect people and snakes. Thea and her colleagues also educate the locals about snakes. The snakes are then released to a suitable environment.

At one point, Thea talked about being able to see the intelligence in the snake's eyes. No wonder she has such a passion for snakes if she can see the Intelligence in their eyes. She believes that snakes have an important role to play in the environment to help keep pests down.

I believe it is the same Intelligence that is shining in everyone's eyes. I remember once going to this healing workshop. We practised this dance ritual. While we were dancing, we gazed into our partner's eyes and then swap partners. At first I did find it difficult sharing such intimacy with a "stranger" but when I relaxed it was amazing. I found myself falling deeply in love with my partner regardless of their gender. I did find that with some people the feeling of love was more intense that with others. I believe this is because of how open one is to let the Light within shine through. The more open one is, the deeper the love.

I see this Light that shines in everyone as the Beloved.

Back to the documentary, I was so focused on the Intelligence in the snakes' eyes that all I could see was how beautiful the snakes were and are. I kept wishing I could stroke their skin.

Eye see you all.


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