Monday, 16 November 2009

It's All Done and Dusted - Revisited

A while back I had this vision where I saw all realities as already happened. I came to realise that the One Spirit has not only already anticipated all our needs and created all possible ways to meet them, He has already experienced all of them. I call it the "It's all done and dusted" paradigm. All I need to do is show up for the party.

Now when I wake up, I thank the ONE for another wonderful day which has already happened perfectly.

For instance, I am not too crazy about housework. Before I did the hoovering (vacuum cleaning), I reminded myself that the day has already been experiencing including the cleaning. At first it was effortless then I started feeling nauseous which I feel when I'm over exerted myself. I had to keep on reminding myself that it's already done. How can I feel tired or sick when I'm doing nothing? The job was effortless.

While I was working on this piece in the library, the fire alarm started ringing intermittently. We were warned that if it starts ringing continuously we need to leave the building. I reminded myself again that this day has already happened perfectly. The alarm stopped and it was business as usual.

This day has already happened and it's been wonderful! Hope it's been the same for you.


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