Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Do I Need Three Meals a Day?

The nutritional experts keep telling us how important it is to have three meals a day. Some tell us that if you skip other meals, it's important to at least have breakfast as it's the most important meal of the day. They also say it's important for us to drink lots of water.

I'm more of a one meal a day girl; I tend to have one big meal in the evening, unless if someone invites me out for lunch or dinner. Something happened recently which made me rethink my eating habit.

Two days ago I applied this particular eyeliner I haven't used for ages. The next day my eyelids were slightly swollen. I decided to give that particular eyeliner a miss. Last night I felt my eyelids stinging again. I thought after a good night's sleep they would get back to normal. During the night they kept itching. This morning my eyelids and the areas around my eyes were really puffy. While I was contemplating whether I wanted to go out in that state, the Inner Voice (my Guide) said: "Receive Liquid Light and let the Light heal you everywhere it hurts." I stood in front of the bathroom mirror with my eyes closed and thought to myself:

"I am receiving Liquid Light now!"

In my mind's eye, I saw Liquid Light being poured at the top of my head. The Light felt like someone rubbing healing balm on my eyelids, which took the sting away.

Although my eyes were still puffy, I decided to get dressed trusting in the Intelligence to do the healing work necessary. As I was getting ready, the Voice also reminded how important it is to fill myself up daily with Liquid Light. The Light is all the wonderful blessings, things and experiences Infinite Love has already prepared for us all including healing and nourishment. All I need to do is receive the Light as often as I feel the need and let Its Intelligence do the rest.

Although I have been practising receiving Liquid Light for quite a while, I haven't been quite as consistent as I should have.

I hate to admit that the experts are right - I do need at least three meals a day!

From now on, I'm going to receive Liquid Light 3 times a day: first thing in the morning, mid-afternoon, and late at night. If and when the mood takes me, I might just stuff my face all day long.

I am receiving Liquid Light for all time, all space, and all realities.


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